Launching the School of Sports Med free continuing education program

Launching the School of Sports Med free continuing education program

Attention all Athletic Trainers…

The School of Sports Med, a free CEU and EBP program, has been created just for you.


Several companies of the sports medicine industry are collectively sponsoring this program providing you with 5 different educational sessions, 10 hours of continuing education containing 7.5 hours of EBP and 2.5 hours of Category A credits to assist you with your necessary annual continued education. These courses will be offered for the next 90 days and are open to all athletic trainer registrants free of charge.


Athletic Trainers new to Innovative CEUs (ICEU) will need to register on the Innovative CEUs site. The registration link is . Once registered and logged into the ICEU site, browse and select the course(s) you wish to complete. Some course units include multiple sessions totaling up to 2 hours. All the courses within a unit bundle must be completed to receive credit. For any course support or questions contact Ed at 860-805-7259.


The School of Sports Med Educational Courses & Instructors:

Unit 1 … Presenter: Darryl Conway (Register Here)

  • Beyond Direct Pressure: Evidence Based & Pragmatic Approach for Advanced Wound Care (1 EBP)
  • Take A.C.T.I.O.N: Approach to Opioid Overdose, Education, Prevention, Management, and Recovery for Sports Medicine Personnel (1 EBP)


Unit 2 … Presenter: Rod Walters (Register Here)

  • Concussion Monitoring for Medical Observers (2 EBP)


Unit 3 … Presenter: Rod Walters (Register Here)

  • EAP for Safer Sports (1.5 EBP)


Unit 4 … Presenter: Robb Rehberg (Register Here)

  • Management of Ankle Sprains (1 EBP)
  • PPE and Disqualifying Conditions (.5 EBP)
  • Psychological Concerns Collegiate and Secondary School Athlete (.5 EBP)


Unit 5 … Presenter: Bobby Lee (Register Here)

  • Introduction to Concussion Management (2 Category A)


Unit 6 … Presenter: George Lewis, PhD (Register Here)

  • Ultrasound Therapy for Soft Tissue Injury (.5 Category A)


The companies making the free School of Sports Med program possible are:

  • Andover Products, a leading manufacturer of cohesive bandages and tapes for sports medicine
  • ARYSE, products designed to prevent injury without compromising performance
  • Data Therm II, body temperature monitoring – under arm, groin, rectal or esophageal temp measurements
  • Defense Soap, all natural, organic, medicated anti-fungal soaps designed for athletics
  • Dynatronics, providing high quality restorative medical device products
  • Game Ready, offers innovative, multi-modality recovery systems
  • Icon Medical, manufacturers’ rep group focused on the sports medicine industry
  • sam Sport, a bio-regenerative medical device that reduces ligament, tendon and muscle pain
  • School Health Corporation, distributing one of the largest selections of quality health supplies from trusted brands
  • Sport-Seal, a liquid skin protectant preventing and protecting cuts, scrapes, calluses and blisters
  • Walters, Inc., services through education, consulting and resources for the athletic training profession
  • WaterBoy Sports, the leader of high-quality, outdoor drinking, industrial and athletic hydration systems


When it’s time to make purchasing decisions please remember the companies financially supporting this project. Without their contributing dollars the project would have never taken place. Enjoy the education sessions organized by Dr. Rod Walters and thank you for attending the School of Sports Med continuing education courses.

John Miller

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