Mojility, Inc.


Mojility, Inc. is a partnership of individuals who have spent their careers in the physical rehab industry. Mojility is a company of manufacturers, sales & service professionals, and product specialists with a passion for the physical therapy industry. Their knowledge, experience, and solid relationships position them to offer valuable support within this industry. The Mojility mission is to fill in the gaps that have been created by the shifting landscapes in our healthcare market.

The Physical Therapy Products & Equipment from Mojility


Are you ready for the next generation of goniometry?

EasyAngle is an innovative medical device that enable Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists to measure mobility of ALL relevant joints in the body.


The Advantages of the EasyAngle

  • All-In-One Device … EasyAngle can be used for high quality assessment of all relevant joints, replacing the goniometer, inclinometer, CROM-device, BROM-device and Scoliometer.
  • Easy to Use … Measurement with one hand allows the therapist to support the patient for an easy one-handed measurement procedure. Only one orientation is needed at a time and the display clearly shows each measured result including the five latest measurements.
  • Accurate and Efficient … EasyAngle has a high precision sensor that is accurate within +/- 1 degree. Quick and easy measurements save time.
  • Patient Motivation … With EasyAngle it is easy to measure a patient’s status and progress in small steps due to the device’s high accuracy. Measured angles are easily communicated to the patient for established rehabilitation programs.


The Torex family of innovative products provides better physical therapeutic treatments via advanced materials and unique patented designs.  Improving outcomes by increasing the ease and effectiveness of cold therapy.  Torex offers reduced treatment time, faster pain relief and more options for hard-to-treat body areas.


Torex Products

  • Clinical Flat Cold Packs … Cervical, Oversize and Standard sizes
  • CST1 Cold Shoulder Therapy Pack
  • MC2 Cold Therapy Pro Ankle Pack
  • Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeves
    • Finger Size
    • Small – wrist
    • Medium – elbow
    • Large – knee
    • X-Large – thigh


K-Tape introduces a breakthrough in tape color technology with its new MY SKIN; a revolutionary skin color-matching system.

Discover K-Tape and the difference carefully selected raw materials can make

  • Physiobond Adhesive applied in a clinically proven wave pattern enables K-Tape to adhere effectively for up to 7 days without skin irritation.
  • Premium Cotton from a single source guarantees a fabric structure with homogenous thread density for knot-free manufacturing.
  • Elastane Thread of the highest quality ensures consistent elasticity levels for the best therapeutic effect.
  • Fabric Dyes are certified to be non-toxic and gentle enough to pose no risk to skin health even when K-Tape is worn for extended time periods.
  • Backing Paper with correctly oriented fibers and other characteristics necessary for reliable functionality and stability is standard with K-Tape.

APS Dry Needles

Designed for the Dry Needling Professional

Safe, high quality APS Needles improve the functionality of Dry Needling. The result is better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Acupuncture needles are designed to be superficially inserted only once whereas, Dry Needling technique requires multiple deep insertions and manipulations on each of the targeted trigger points. APS Needles are the perfect needles for Dry Needling.


APS Dry Needle Benefits:

  • A needle specifically designed for Dry Needling
  • Different Color Tips for easy identification while working
  • Perfect grip to ensure total control and precision
  • Designed to facilitate better insertion and handling from beginning to end of treatment
  • Smoother insertion minimizes tissue damage
  • Reduced pain during treatment = higher patient satisfaction

APS Dry Needle Characteristics:

  • Sterile single-use disposable needles with insertion tubes
  • Headless needle for better precision when puncturing
  • Thicker and stiffer handle improves control during use
  • High strength Surgical Stainless Steel allows for sharpness to be maintained during multiple insertions
  • Special conical sharpening improves needle penetration and handling
  • Triple lubricant coating helps keep the needle painless
  • Triple polishing removes surface irregularities achieving a smooth painless needle

*For sale through most sports medicine distributors