bCOOL is an innovative, commercial-grade cooling device that uses ByoPlanet’s® patented technology to spray an even, thin layer of water over an athlete’s body keeping them cool in heat-related conditions.

Performance suffers when the body’s core temperature is elevated. bCOOL aids in keeping players temperature cooler, provides for quicker recovery, and evaporates sweat off the skin, allowing it to cool, even in the most humid environments.

Backed by Science:

– Improves body cooling in humid environments.

– Used cool water to reduce heat illness risk.

– Decreases muscle fatigue.

The bCool units are unlike passive misting systems, bCOOL is directed to the key heat exchange areas of the body – neck, head, hands and torso. Unlike ice packs or ice baths, the temperature of the spray will not result in vasoconstriction.

The bCOOL units:

– Jetpack with electrical cord

– Jetpack battery pack

– Handheld battery pack

*Currently sold through the Henry Schein Sports Medicine Division