Icon Medical LLC

Icon Medical is a manufacturers’ rep group company primarily focused on the sports medicine industry.  Over the years, Icon Medical has introduced many valued products and equipment to the athletic medical market segment used by athletic trainers and physical therapists across the nation. Icon Medical is owned and operated by John Miller, a sales and marketing veteran of the sports med world having owned and worked for several companies in the industry, including a prior six-year period with Icon Medical.


Miller’s Sports Medicine Business Resumé

  • Owned and operated Econoline Products, Inc.
  • General Manager for School Health Corporation
  • Director of the Sports Medicine Division for Henry Schein, Inc.
  • Owner and operator of Icon Medical LLC


Icon Medical concentrates its energy on bringing high quality, importantly benefitting products and equipment to the sports medicine healthcare professional to help improve the care they offer the athlete/patient under their responsibility.  We are devoted to improving athletic healthcare and the work-life of those administering that care.  We have a long and strong reputation for introducing nothing but the best in products, equipment and manufacturer partners for this business.

It is our pleasure to have worked with so many outstanding professionals of the sports medicine industry.  We are so appreciative of the relationships we have established and the business we have enjoyed together.  The athletic trainer is without a doubt one of the most complex, multifaceted, under appreciated roles of the medical profession. Without their skills, knowledge and expertise high school, college and professional sports would not exist at the level we enjoy it. Icon Medical will continue to enhance the field of sports medicine by the product lines it represents, sponsoring programs benefitting the industry and continuing to grow its giant network of talented and devoted sports medicine healthcare professionals.